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techy stuff

Play spotify through a different sound device (windows)

Just a quick post today about how to solve a common (maybe) frustration… My setup when I’m working is that I sit at my desk in the kitchen, with spotify open to have some nice background music going on. However, my nice amp with its decent bass levels and all the rest is sat in … Continue reading »

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DIY security keypad

After my couple of hours of tinkering with python yesterday (see here) I started pondering how to expand on what I’d done.  Some sort of keypad would be handy, so I could just tap in a code and disable my cameras…. and then I’d need something to run the code on and connect the keypad … Continue reading »

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Spotify on Debian ‘Wheezy’ (testing)

Hello! Long time no post…. I’ve recently(ish) started working from home as head of IT for a small web design firm… which means I get to use a linux desktop again.  I’ve settled on Debian testing (which is currently ‘wheezy’) but have found a few niggles (always the way) so my next few posts will … Continue reading »

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Setup redmine / artifactory / hudson on fedora

Just a quick run through of what I’ve been doing for the last few days, namely setting up our build / development server.  It’s running Fedora, and the end goal was to have redmine, artifactory and hudson all on the same server, all running on port 80.  Once it’s installed and running we should be … Continue reading »

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FUSE ESB Development: the build environment

The first thing we need to do when starting to work with fuse ESB is set up our build environment.  For this we’ll be using Eclipse, with the FUSE IDE plugin and maven. I’ll also cover downloading and installing Servicemix, and then generating our first FUSE project. I’ll be using a windows box for the … Continue reading »

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Google Glasses: ‘Rainbows end’ is coming.

After a lot of rumours, and some imaginative concept art Google finally announced the latest idea from the Google-X labs yesterday:  Google Glasses. Touted as ‘terminator glasses’ as a callback to the onscreen display seen in the Terminator films (why terminator?  Robocop would be a much better example of this) these glasses are the first … Continue reading »

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Facebook plugin for jQuery

Following on from the WordPress plugin I decided to take another look at the mess of javascript I wrote for that and make it a bit nicer.  Also, it’s been a while since I did anything with jQuery plugins, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and write a helper plugin for … Continue reading »

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Facebook plugin for wordpress

This week in the office we’ve been playing with the Facebook SDK and seeing what it can do, with a mind to using it on an upcoming project (that I can’t talk about!).  After a bit of playing, and bouncing ideas off each other we managed to get some fairly exciting stuff working.  Since I … Continue reading »

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Job Hunting!

Thought I might as well post something here, you never know who reads these things… I am currently on the hunt for a job.  Ideally something in PHP / Web development that pays around £30k (or slightly less for the right role) and is based somewhere near Manchester (UK).  Working from home would be nice … Continue reading »

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Upcoming stuff

Just a quick rundown of what’s going on with jNag this week.  And a strange picture, which does actually have some context later on, so you should probably click the read more link if you’re wondering what that’s all about.

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